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Thankful! 40% off guest-webinars!

November 30, 2019

2019 has been a year where NOT noticing all the goodness of my life would be completely impossible.

My life is no more perfect than the next guy’s…it’s hard, every single day.  But I’m also acutely aware of the goodness that is involved with hand-picking a place to live, having jobs that can support us from anywhere, and choosing how to create a life we’ve been dreaming about for years and years.

I’ve been so fortunate to create a career I adore, working with people I adore.  I adore my colleagues, and I adore my people.  The people I serve, in and out of the office.  I adore speaking at conferences because those people are in the audience and I just love them.  People who have dedicated their lives, professional and/or personally, intentionally and/or accidentally, to serving other people whose lives have been impacted by the harsh actions of others.  Children who have been hurt in the places where they were supposed to have been adored, cherished, and loved beyond measure.

A way I attempt to express my gratitude is through my webinar series.  For years I have offered (and will continue to offer!!!) webinars at a low price-point, and never hesitated to discount them even further for those who reached out and asked.  I give them away pretty freely to audiences when I speak at conferences or events.  I’ve donated all of them to the ORPARC library (Oregon Post Adoption Resource Center).  And during this season that is recognized as a season of gratitude…but for families of children impacted by trauma this is often a season of increased chaos, difficult behaviors, confusion, and sadness….I am grateful that I can express my gratitude (gratitude squared?!) in another way…through a major discount.

From now until the end of Monday December 2, 2019, all of the guest webinars up on my website are available to be purchased at 40% off!!  This brings the one-hour webinars down to $8 and some change!

See the webinars included in the sale by CLICKING HERE.  You need to use the promo code: thankful

My wish is that this will bring some hope and connection to families who are in short supply during a time of year that always fuels dysregulation in our precious children (young, old, big, small…).

All you have to do is use the promo code: thankful

40% off will then be applied!!!

(As a heads up, this sale does not include the therapist webinars for CEs).

Be well.  Hang in there.  Thank you.


PS Check out all the webinars included in the sale here:

PPS Remember to use the code: thankful



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