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The Science of Safety- Understanding Polyvagal Theory

November 5, 2019

The polyvagal theory has probably been the most impactful- and the most challenging- theory I’ve studied. Polyvagal theory applies to everything- therapy, parenting, humaning…all relationships!  It’s exciting to see Dr. Stephen Porges’ work make it’s way into so many different fields of study.

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But I pretty consistently hear from other therapists that the clinical applications of the polyvagal theory feel out of reach, confusing, and overwhelming.  I get it- I have felt that way too!  I’ve also had the great fortune of studying with some of the leaders in the field, which has allowed me to really needle on how to apply polyvagal theory in the therapy room and also how to more effectively TEACH how to apply polyvagal theory on the therapy.  A theory isn’t super useful if no one knows how to apply it!!

What I can do is show you how I’ve applied it.  Neuroception, creating safety, and conceptualizing symptoms…these feel like the most important pieces to tackle in a short, introductory webinar- Understanding Polyvagal Theory for Child & Play Therapists.  

You can join me Wednesday November 13th at 12pm ET and we’ll dive into polyvagal together.  Can’t make it live?  As always, everyone who registers will receive access to the recording so you can watch it whenever and wherever!!

Head over to my website for all the details and registration!  CLICK HERE!!!


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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, RPT-S  is a blogger, teacher, trainer, and consultant for therapists and professionals working with children with a history of complex trauma.  

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