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Creating Responsive Classrooms! A webinar for helping kids at school.

January 11, 2019

Ah yes, schools.  I once heard them described as “the final frontier” when it comes to shifting to a trauma & regulation based model of supporting kids- especially those with a history of complex trauma and toxic stress.  And that makes perfect sense!  Overworked, underfunded, undertrained in trauma and the REAL origins of behaviors.  Lots of kids, not a lot of adults, not a lot of options.


Lisa Allen is an in-the-trenches educator with over 30 years of experience and she has agreed to join me for my next guest webinar.  Lisa has supported her school district in the suburbs of Chicago in shifting to a trauma-informed lens and helped to create Responsive Learning Environments.  Where kids can actually LEARN!!!

“Creating Responsive Learning Environment at School & Home” will air Wednesday the 16th at 1pm eastern, 12pm central, 11am mountain, 10am pacific.  This might be a great time for you- you’re at work, or the kids are at school…but I know this also might be a TERRIBLE time for you!  That’s why all my webinars are ALWAYS offered live and by recording.  For $14, you can attend live- or NOT- and receive lifetime and unlimited access to the recording.

If you work with kids in a setting where they are expected to learn anything- or you are looking for tools to SUPPORT or ADVOCATE for your kid in their school/learning environment, this is for you!

Read all the details and register by CLICKING HERE.

Y’all are going to LOVE Lisa.  We hit it off immediately when she contacted me last year about bringing trauma-informed training to her entire district.  Lisa was able to take my non-educator information about trauma, the brain, and behaviors, and support her district in figuring out what to DO with that information.  It was such a joy to work with her district- and with Lisa.

See you soon!!



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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW, RPT-S is a child and family therapist in Austin, Texas specializing in adoption, trauma, and attachment counseling. She is the founder of the Central Texas Attachment & Trauma Center

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