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Creating Felt Safety

October 4, 2017

***This webinar aired live on October 10, but the audio and video recordings are now available if you missed it!***


Have you ever been dumbfounded at why your child is dysregulated? Completed flabbergasted as to what on earth could be triggering them?  Feeling POSITIVE that there is absolutely no reason for your child to feel dysregulated??

I get it.  We’ve all been there!  Frustrated, dumbfounded, and overwhelmed.

The truth is, there is always a reason.  The reason might be hard to see.  But there is always a reason.  I can guarantee it!

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The brain is scanning for danger- both inside and outside the body- four times EVERY SECOND.


Seriously.  Every 1/4 of a second, the brain is asking “Safe???  Not safe???” and the reacting accordingly.

Obviously this happens outside our consciousness.  We can’t even SAY “Safe? Not safe?!” in under a second, let alone four times in one second.

You put it this way, and it starts to make a little more sense why it might be hard for our children to feel safe even when they are safe.  We can harness the power of science and use neurobiology to help create felt safety for our children, leading to improved regulation and ultimately better behavior (remember….regulated, connected children who feel safe behave well.)

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This two-part webinar airs next Tuesday evening.  Can’t make it?!  No problem at all because everyone who registers will receive LIFETIME and UNLIMITED access to the webinar recordings.

You can access the webinar anywhere you have an internet connection.  Phone, laptop, tablet.  Library.  Office.  Bathroom.  Heck, even the back of your closet.

Head on over to the registration page for all the details.  For $19 and unlimited access to the recordings, I can’t think of a reason NOT to sign up!

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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW is a child and family therapist in Austin, Texas specializing in adoption, trauma, and attachment counseling. She is the founder of the Central Texas Attachment & Trauma Center.

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