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Jump OUT of the Trauma Tornado- LYING {webinar}

June 18, 2017

***Did you miss this webinar?  It’s now available for instant access on my website!***

I remember driving into work a few years ago, really mulling around and trying to embody the level of chaos that so many of my clients were dealing with in their day to day life.  It felt swirling, cyclical and self-sustaining – I can feel into it even now as I sit and write this.  Behavior, reaction, repeat.  Behavior, reaction, repeat.  Over and over again.  Like a funnel cloud.  An actual tornado- with that swirling intensity that has the capacity to destroy anything in it’s path.

The trauma tornado.

(Want to read the original blog post?  CLICK HERE.)

To be honest, I feel a bit awkward now about that metaphor.  It feels a little trite, a little catchy, a little silly.  But I keep hearing from families that the metaphor is anything but trite or silly.  It’s unfortunately extremely accurate.

There are so many different ways to help a child who has experienced complex trauma.  It’s what I find most exciting and most overwhelming about my work- the level of complexity.  The trauma tornado is just one metaphorical piece of the puzzle, but I have repeatedly found it to be a helpful metaphor – not only for understanding the WHY behind the behavior (critically important) but also because it gives us some clues about what to do about.


I’m kicking off a summer series of webinars in which we’ll look at several challenging behaviors through the lens of the trauma tornado.

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In the first webinar on June 23, we’ll go in depth into the cycle of the trauma tornado, and then focus on LYING.  I’ll help you determine where and how you’re getting sucked into the tornado, which should then open up some ideas on how you can begin to jump out.  Because unfortunately, we can’t ask our children to be the ones who jump out; it must start with us- the parents.

Sound interesting?  Here’s the details.

WHAT:                Jump OUT of the Trauma Tornado- LYING (webinar)

WHEN:                June 23, 2017.  2pm eastern, 1pm central, 12pm mountain, 11am pacific.

But really, WHENEVER because everyone who registers will receive the recording.  You absolutely do NOT have to attend live.  The recording will be yours forever, to listen to as often as you like. 

WHERE:              Webinar!!!  Your home, or office, or the library, or your back porch.  With coffee, lemonade, or wine.  You decide!!!

FEE:                     $14!!!  Really.  Only $14.


There’s nothing to lose here!

Lying is probably the most COMMON frustration facing the families I work with, so I figured it was the perfect behavior to tackle first.

Ready to register?  Interested in more details?  CLICK HERE.




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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW is a child and family therapist in Austin, Texas specializing in adoption, trauma, and attachment counseling. She is the founder of the Central Texas Attachment & Trauma Center.

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