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Untangling Disorganized Attachment

April 27, 2017

Children with early attachment trauma often have bizarre, confusing, and unpredictable behaviors.  In fact, one of the most predictable things about a child with a history of early attachment trauma is that they are unpredictable 🙂

UPDATE!!!!  This recorded webinar is now available for purchase on my website!!!

The tragedy of disorganized attachment can explain much of these contradictory and oftentimes maddening behaviors.  Metaphorically, attachment trauma does to a child’s nervous system what you would do to a car engine if you kept  the gas and the brake both pressed to the floor at the same time.

Don’t try it.  It’s bad.

Making Sense

Understanding disorganized attachment can help you see your child behavior through a new lens and make sense of their seemingly nonsensical ways.  This is good for BOTH of you- you will definitely feel less crazy and your child will feel more connected to you.

I blogged about the tragedy of disorganized attachment a while back, and I then turned that article into a conference workshop.  NOW I get to share it with EVERYONE by creating a webinar!!!

Disorganized attachment can be a little confusing- so here’s a webinar that puts it all into plain English.  I literally guarantee that you will understand disorganized attachment when the webinar is over.  If you don’t- email me and I’ll refund you the $19.  Promise.

Untangle Disorganized Attachment

Once you understand disorganized attachment, you’ll start to see ways you can untangle it.  But just to make it more simple for you, I’m making this a two-part webinar.  Part two will be all about practical things you can do to  help untangle your child’s disorganized attachment.  The steps are actually quite simple.  Very difficult.  Yet simple.

Part 1 of the webinar will air LIVE next Wednesday evening, but EVERYONE who registers will receive a link to the recording.  Part 1 will put disorganized attachment into plain English, and when I send you the link to the recording I will also send a link to the prerecorded Part 2.  I’ve decided to prerecord part 2 and send it out with the recording to Part 1 so you don’t have to wait a moment longer for the practical tools.

This two-part webinar is only $19!!!!!!!

Are you ready to register?  CLICK HERE!!!


When: Wednesday May 3, 2017; 8pm eastern, 7pm central, 6pm mountain, 5pm pacific.  OR WHENEVER because you will receive a recording!!!  The link to the prerecorded Part 2 will be sent to you at the same time as the recording of Part 1.

Where: Your house!  No need to get dressed or get childcare!  You can wear your favorite jammies and sip wine or hot cocoa.  You can even sip loudly, because no one will hear you!!!

What: Untangling Disorganized Attachment

How Much: $19.  $19!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  That’s it!!!!  For a two-part webinar with a therapist who specializes in working with children with complex trauma.  And for the recording to BOTH!!!  This is a great deal.

How to RegisterCLICK HERE.  You’ll be able to review the details and then register for the LIVE and RECORDED webinar.

REMEMBER!!!  This is a two-part webinar.  Part one will air LIVE on Wednesday May 3.  Within about two days, you’ll receive a link to the prerecorded part 2 as well as a link to the recording of Part 1.  This means you do not have to be available to attend part 1 live!

I can’t wait to see you there!!!

UPDATE!!!!  This recorded webinar is now available for purchase on my website!!!  CLICK HERE!!!





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Robyn Gobbel, LCSW is a child and family therapist in Austin, Texas specializing in adoption, trauma, and attachment counseling. She is the founder of the Central Texas Attachment & Trauma Center.

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