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Resources to help talk to kids about adoption

November 8, 2016

My webinar on How to Talk About the Hard Truths in Adoption airs tonight and I wanted to put together a summary of a few of my blog articles for the attendees.  Whether or not you are attending tonight, here are a few of my past articles that addresses this sometimes complicated idea of how to talk about adoption with our kids.

When do I tell my child he is adopted?

Talk to kids about their adoption- part 1

Talk to kids about their adoption- part 2

Trauma Doesn’t Tell Time 

Linking together implicit and explicit information

You can still register for the webinar if you want!  It’s a two-part webinar with part one airing tonight.  Yes yes, I know it’s election day!  If you can’t pull yourself away from the news or need that time to make it out to vote, you can always listen to the recording!  The recording is sent to everyone who registers.

CLICK HERE to register!!

UPDATE!!!!  This recorded webinar is now available for purchase on my website!!!  CLICK HERE!!!

Hope to see you there!!

Robyn Gobbel, LCSW

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