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Helping Kids Through Traumatic or Hard Moments- Part 3

April 5, 2013

Helping Kids through Hard Moments Part 1 gave you five reasons it is important to create a story or narrative for your child after they’ve experienced a hard moment.  Part 2 helped you understand the important elements to include in the story (facts, negative belief, feeling, true/positive belief).  This video in Part 3 shows an example of how to create a short story using animals for a young child.  Notice that the story is in third person- sometimes this helps a child not feel as overwhelmed by the story if was particularly scary.  You’ll also notice that the story starts with a positive, then gives the negative/mixed-up thoughts, the feeling, and then corrects the mixed up thought with the positive thought.  If you have a young child who has experienced a scary moment, you’ll likely need to give your child a story over and over and over again….once isn’t enough!

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  1. Joan permalink
    April 5, 2013 8:57 am

    Hi, Robyn, I always love your posts and find them very helpful. I am going to use this with a young client who lost a sibling to violent death. Unfortunately, my client saw the sib while he looked very bad, so in addition to the fact of the death, there are some very frightening images for my client to process.

    • April 5, 2013 9:01 am

      Hi Joan! I’m glad they are helpful! I’m so sorry to hear about your client. I’m glad he has you!

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