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Blog for Adoption Day

April 15, 2010

On April 12, 2010, The Joint Council on International Children’s Services announced the “We Are the Truth” campaign and call to action.

I haven’t participated in an adoption. I’m not adopted, I don’t have children who are adopted, and I haven’t placed a child for adoption. I landed in the field of adoption partly due to life circumstances- opportunities arose and I took them. I’ve always been interested in working with children who have experienced trauma, abuse, and neglect. That sort of naturally led to adoption, because many children who have experienced abuse and are taken into foster care are subsequently adopted.

I do however know about LOTS of adoptions!! So while I can’t blog about my own adoption, I can certainly tell a quick story about the adoption of someone I know.

Without divulging too many personal details that are not mine to share, I can say that adoption made me an aunt. I’ve been an aunt several times over now, but the very first person to make me an aunt came to our family by adoption. I will never, ever forget the first moment we met- in his mother’s kitchen. I was living halfway across the country in Salt Lake City and had missed his first two months home. I’d seen hundreds of pictures and heard just as many stories, but I hadn’t yet gotten to hold my first nephew. He was about 18 months old but such a little peanut!! I remember tearing up when he ran into the kitchen and hid behind his mother’s legs- because I was not prepared to feel instant love toward this child. And I did. It was overwhelming!!

All these years later, I still live on the other side of the country- I’ve just moved to a different side. My nephew has been joined by a little sister and I wish almost every single day that I could be experiencing the day to day nuances of their lives. My nephew is amazing! A fun loving, charming, happy go lucky little guy who has made remarkable strides. He’s a great big brother and cousin and I look forward to the day when we can spend more time together.

And successful adoptions don’t end with him. My first niece came home from China in 2006 and is extremely close in age to my own son. She’s beautiful, loving, and sweet. One of my best friends from high school became an aunt through adoption in 2009 – and their story is amazing and unique as well. I’m fortunate enough to experience the joys of adoption almost daily through my work, and even today one of families was scheduled to consummate their adoption.

This is MY truth.

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  1. Nicole permalink
    April 19, 2010 10:08 am

    Your blog about “our sweet boy” is an amazing truth, and I am teary just reading it!! Thank you for remembering that day!! We are so very proud of all his achievements….he is our miracle!

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