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Adoption Home Study Services

March 16, 2010

With the opening of Gobbel Counseling & Adoption Services in Bastrop, TX, a lot of people have asked if I’m still completing adoption home studies.

ABSOLUTELY!! I LOVE completing adoption home studies and plan to continue to make adoption home studies a significant focus of my practice. For now, Texas Home Studies will remain a separate entity- mostly because I just love my house logo and can’t bear to lose it!

Texas Home Studies has been providing home study services since 2005. I started out completing home studies for a local foster care agency and have slowly expanded those services to include domestic home studies, private adoption home studies, relative adoption home studies, step-parent adoption home studies, and co-parent or second parent home studies. I travel throughout Central Texas and am extremely familiar with the laws and regulations regarding adoption home studies.

Are you curious about the home study process? Check back soon- I will blog more about what you can expect in your adoption home study in the coming weeks.

For more information about the home study process, check out these blog posts:

Step Parent Adoptions in Texas

Choosing your Adoption Teammates

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