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Adoption Support in Austin

February 11, 2010

In this era of the world wide web, it certainly seems as though almost any piece of information we desire can be found with a quick google search.  The growth of the internet has vastly changed many industries, and adoption is no exception.  The internet is to the thank for the excellent dissemination of adoption related education and literature.  Chat rooms, message boards, and Yahoo! groups are quickly taking the place of old fashion, face to face support groups.

But I encourage you, regardless of your affinity for the internet and never needing to leave your home to access all the information you could possible desire related to adoption, consider becoming involved in one of the many Austin area groups geared toward members of the adoption triad.  We are very fortunate to have access to a  wide variety of superior resources right in Central Texas.

Adoption Knowledge Affiliates- serving all members of the adoption triad, monthly education meetings are held in North Austin.

Families with Children From China– A network of families who have adopted children from China.

Families for Russia and Ukrainian Adoptions- A support network for adoptive families who have adopted children from the former Soviet Republic and neighboring countries.

Austin Council on Adoptable Children– A support group for adoptive families

Parenting Across Color– A Transracial Adoption Support Group

Are you aware of other Central Texas Adoption Resources?  Let us know in the comments section.

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