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BOOK REVIEW Sacred Connections: Stories of Adoption

January 27, 2010

If you’ve consider adoption, are currently considering adoption, are an adoptive parent, are an adopted person, placed a child for adoption, or know anybody who has been adopted…BUY THIS BOOK.

Sometimes I’m tempted to get onto and buy LOTS of them.  It’s out of print and I’m worried that one day it just won’t be available anymore.   So far, I’ve stifled that urge by just buying it for everyone I know, instead.

This is a beautiful, enticing, gorgeously put together coffee table type book.  Full of brief interviews and paired with award winning photography, this book touches on adoption from all sides of the triad.  It’s easy to read and embraces your soul, making you alternately cry and laugh.

Mary Ann Koenig tells the stories of 25 adoptive families, accompanied by the breathtaking photography of Niki Berg.  Together, the reader is able to get a quick glimpse at the joy- and the heartache- of open adoption.

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