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Many Hats…Day One

January 7, 2010

So far, the conference is off to a great start!  Although, the weather around here is something else entirely.  Wintery and Blustery are words that come to mind- and not words you think of often while living in Central Texas.

Dr. Dorinda Noble and Andrew Marks are facilitating this four-day training.  With a subject matter that could  potentially be extremely dry, today was entertaining and fast paced.  We discussed extremely relevant and important information related to ethics in private practice and supervision- which is something that just doesn’t get enough floor time in professional discussions.

We’ve begun to identify “what makes a good supervisor.”  Leave me your feedback in the comments or on Facebook.  What do you think makes a good supervisor?  Think about the greatest supervisor you’ve had?  Why was that supervisor great?

I’ve had a few great supervisors- but the first few things that come to mind for me are:

  • Professional Integrity
  • Depth of knowledge surrounding area of expertise
  • Ability to provide honest feedback- even if it was negative feedback
  • High Expectations
  • Clear boundaries
  • Transparency- I never had to guess what he was thinking  because he told me!

So tell me- what makes a good supervisor??

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